Social Media As It Should Be
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What is Unflappabl?


Unflappabl is a social media platform which guarantees freedom of opinion. We want to promote better conversations, with powerful tools to help keep trolls at bay without needing moderators.


We want to give you more of what you love about short form social media, with some excellent new features that give you better control over what you see.

Why Support Unflappabl?
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Freedom Of Opinion

In our view, the big platforms have done a terrible job protecting freedom of opinion. With Unflappabl there will be no bans for having the "wrong" opinions, and strictly no shadow-banning, ever!

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Help The Little Guy

We can't take on the mega corporations of silicon valley without your help. We think it would be fantastic to have a social media platform based in the Midlands!

How is Unflappabl Different?
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No Adverts

There will be no paid/promoted adverts on Unflappabl. By making you the customer, and by avoiding big advertisers, we can ensure no big corporations are pulling our strings.

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Giving Back

We believe those who produce the most popular content should share in the profits. Without engaging content, a social media platform is nothing after all.

How Can You Help?

Donate To The Crowdfund

The beta version is now ready and being tested by an increasing number of Founding Members. To move to a fully live platform we need donations. With your help that will happen sooner, rather than later! You can donate to the crowdfund here


Beta Log-in/Register

We are now beta testing! To access the Beta version of Unflappabl, please register now.